Content Producer (Content Population)

Work as part of a team, writing and maintaining high standard's solution for of small-scale and large-scale projects. If you have an overwhelming desire to build amazing websites and web applications that impress users and exceed expectations, then this is the place for you!

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Report to Project Manager
  • Content Population via CMS for multiple countries and languages websites
  • Content QA: review the content and ensure formatting and line breaks are properly in place

Required Education:

  • Languages Related Degree (Egnlish, Spanish, German, French, Japanese)
  • Computer Science / Programming / Software Engineering is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of web and html formatting preferred

Required Experience:

  • Minimum 1 year's experience as content producer or content population related work or QA tester for localization's projects.

Required Skills:

  • Ability to read, write and speak in English
  • Ability to read and write another language between Spanish, German, French, and Japanese.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Familiarity with ADA/Web accessibility standards
  • Basic knowledge of HTML formatting (bold, italic, links, etc)
  • Experience with CMS'es content population, like Wordpress, SiteCore, Adobe Experience Manager
  • Visual QA for Web

Application Instructions:

  • Please bring/submit portfolio / personal website / samples.
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