Traffic Manager

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Overview of role

The Traffic Manager will be overseeing the resource management and allocation for all project flows through LP Beijing and Chengdu office. 
Once a job has been opened in the Vantage System, the Traffic Manager will assign specific people to the project based on the project requirement and timeline. 
The Traffic Manager makes sure that all resources are being utilised on optimal level, and at the same time ensure all the projects are completed within the scheduled deadlines. 
As needed, the Traffic Manager will work with Project Managers to adjust job deadlines as needed while still meeting the Clients needs. 
The Traffic Manager monitors resource requirements and utilisation and alerts any overstaffing or understaffing situation to senior management and HR team. He or she will work closely with HR team to ensure effective hiring and management of talents.

Key Skills


  • Have great relationships with the internal project teams, so that people want to work with and for you
  • Be responsible for ensuring that senior management and relevant team members are kept up to date on project status and allocation
  • Manage conflicts and issues effectively, and seek guidance from senior management on any potentially sensitive or difficult situations
  • Be commercially aware and cost conscious


  • As Jobs are opened by the Project Manager in the Vantage System, the Traffic Manager is notified and creates resource plan that will ensure that the work will be completed within the Clients deadlines while allowing ample time to get the work done to the expectations of the Client
  • Vantage System is used for Time Tracking (timesheet), Traffic Manager need to ensure the team is properly tracking against the resource plan and allocation, highlighting if any issue around over or under booking to the Management
  • Makes sure each staff member knows the assignments that they need to complete and the due dates. Acts as the mediator between all Project Managers to establish and re-evaluate priorities
  • Reviews work loads with Project Management / Front End / Back End / QA departments' Managers in Beijing and Chengdu offices on regular basis and adjusts assignments as needed making sure that the appropriate talent is used and workloads are evenly maintained
  • Make adjustments to resource plan for each project and overall workload as job demands change
  • Develop annual resource plan and update monthly based on the committed project and pipeline, keep senior management and HR informed about the resource requirement and allocation
  • Keeps in contact with all department heads regarding current deadline status and any issues that may need client's or Senior Management's attention. 
Develop weekly resource utilisation report to share Senior Management team and highlight issues needs immediate action
  • Coordinates with the Senior Management and HR on all outsourced requirements and the scheduling and delivery of those resources
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