The Influence


The Challenge

In Korea, where whisky is the drink of choice in most traditional establishments, people rarely order by brand. Mostly, people just order whisky and then Windsor arrives.

Lowe Profero was asked to change people's relationship with Windsor, solidify its position by turning the most purchased whisky into the most adored, and more specifically get thousands of people to sign up as active fans.


We didn't want to create just another bolt on loyalty scheme. We wanted to make people clamber to be part of Windsor. Why? Because it made them feel part of the influential elite.

We turned to drama, something of great cultural importance in Korea, and at centre stage would be a new legend, the Diamond Jubilee Club, Korea's new and exclusive "secret" society.

Through A-list actors, lavish sets and engrossing plots we'd get people addicted to the story of the Diamond Jubilee club, let them sign up, then blow their minds by allowing them to step through the real entrance to the best private members club in the world.

We've invented a new story telling format, made an adventure film around our loyalty programme, and connected with tens of thousands of fans. Most importantly, people across Korea and outside of Korea loved it.



  • 2.5M plays of video banner
  • In Just 1 day, 600,000 people saw the video.


  • 1.6M Unique page views and an average engagement time of 5 minutes
  • Over 5,000 comments on social media
  • 150 articles in the press, 1,500 online, 40 broadcasting


  • 27,000 sign ups to the DJC
  • Amazingly,The 'Influence' film was the first 'moviercial' film showed in cinema in Korea.