All mums need to be spoilt on Mother's Day. And dads, sons and daughters alike need a gentle reminder on the countdown to this big day.

M&S wanted to create a powerful and relevant interruption.  Something that would stop consumers in their tracks - or in their newsfeeds - and remind them that there was still time to order from their stunning range of flowers.

They wanted to create something that would enable them to do so, wherever they were (before they forgot poor old mum again).

This meant we needed a mobile solution as well as a creatively impactful one.


The world's first QR code made entirely from fresh flowers. A beautiful product display, an art installation and an easy way to order your flower delivery. The QR code moved away from its traditional position as a mere footnote to the unapologetic subject of the communications.


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1 2 3 4



  • Over 20,000 viewed the installation, with hundreds using the QR code to access the competition and explore the range.
  • This 10,000-flower-strong installation allowed passers-by to scan with their phones, browse the full bouquet range and place an order right up to the last minute.


  • 1 in 20 passers-by scanned the poster.
  • The content generated by the campaign extended its reach even further, through social channels and in just 3 days we got 62,000 direct engagements.
  • 10% of these shared on their own Facebook pages


  • The image and story were picked up in blogs, social media, and leading publications, resulting in 50 times more people seeing it online than in person.
  • But most importantly it made mums everywhere happy.


Most Innovative use of Mobile, MOMA