Talk To Frank



FRANK is the national drugs information and advice service provided by the Department of Health, the Home Office and the Department of Education. We were briefed to design and build a new website with improved credibility, usability and usage whilst remaining true to FRANK's ultimate objective of preventing or delaying the onset or escalation of drug use amongst 11 to 18 year olds.


Our UX approach was one that had to marry the sometimes contradictory needs of the audience and Government departments providing the service. We drew on academic research to understand the role that frames, biases, norms and risk images played in affecting people's behaviour; ensuring that the changes made to improve to the sites credibility, usefulness and discoverability didn't incur any unintended consequences on the attitudes of visitors towards drugs and drug taking.



  • FRANK now appears in the Google top 10 results for twice as many drug related keywords
  • Non-campaign visits have increased 21% to 325,000 per month


  • Visit Satisfaction rose from 71% to 82%
  • Perceived accuracy rose from 75% to 85%, reliability from 71% to 82%


  • 2850 personal stories were submitted in the first six weeks
  • These initial stories turned into 712,000 "found helpful" responses as users learned from the communities experiences